About the journal Causation

Causation publishes manuscripts with different scientific topics. The final decision on publication will be done by the chief-editor independently of any result of a review process and regardless of whether to the advantage or disadvantage of an author. A competent and knowledgeable native speaker of English should check your manuscript before submission is completed. Failure to follow on this topic may result in papers being delayed or rejected.

For various reasons, and especially in order to remove barriers in science, all manuscripts submitted to Causation should previously be pre-published with ResearchGate, ZenodobioRxiv.org, Figshare, unpaywall, viXra or other preprint server. Causation is currently unable to support arXiv.org.

Needless to say, manuscripts need to contain original work, while theoretical papers should clearly state the axioms used. Causation expects that the author is using at least one of the three basic axioms of science:

Lex identitatis
Lex contradictionis
Lex negationis

It is allowed if manuscripts are under consideration for publication elsewhere, as long as the first right for publication is granted to Causation.

The author is invited to use Overleaf a collaborative cloud-based LaTeX editor, to write, edit and publish his scientific documents.

Soon, you can download an appropriate LaTeX template  here.

This journal Causation aims to use a (double-blind) peer-review process.