Unified field equation

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Ilija Barukčić


Could the time have had a beginning, will the time have an end? Is it possible that there is a period of time during which nothing changes? Is energy time, is time energy? Is time the negation of energy, is energy the negation of time? Can energy pass over into time and vice versa? Question like this are forcing us to put some more light on the basic relation between energy, time and space. Albert Einstein has proved that energy and time, both equally separated in one equation, can be described very well using his basic field equation. Contrary to Einstein, Heisenberg has shown that it is not possible to separate energy from time and vice versa, both are tightened together. In so far, on the one hand, Albert Einstein has proofed, how our world has to change, on the other hand, Heisenberg has proved, that our world has to change. Both contradict each other and belong together. Thus, it is time to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics, to unite Einstein and Heisenberg, it is time to enter this unknown land. This publication will prove, that the most basic relationship between energy, time and space, the unified field equation, derived according to the general contradiction law from the very deterministic Einstein's basic field equation is highly indeterministic and can be expressed as

((4 * π* *γ )/(c 4))* (Tab * R * gab) ≤ ((Rab)*(Rab)) / 4

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