Quantum gravity

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Ilija Barukčić



Incorporating both the principles of quantum theory and the principles of relativity theory
into one unique mathematical framework could be of help to provide us with a satisfactory description of the microstructure of spacetime, even at the so-called Planck scale, while unifying the four basic fields of nature.


Our contemporary understanding of gravity is based more or less on general relativity theory, which prefers to describe gravitation from a geometric point of view as something like curvature of spacetime caused by matter and energy. Therefore, the quantization of gravity as derived in this publication is based on the quantization of spacetime geometry independently of extreme technical difficulties and the profound methodological and other challenges. Furthermore, the treatment of time is of central importance in any form of quantum gravity. The relationship between time and gravitational field has been reinvestigated again.


A relativistic, gravitational Schrödinger wave equation has been derived. A re-examination of the relationship between time and gravitational field implies the equivalence of time and gravitational field.


The gravitational field itself has been quantized.

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